Leadership Growth Journey

Leadership Growth Journey

What to expect.

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What will happen during this 4-day “Journey: Leadership Growth”:

We hold up a mirror to you and take you out of your comfort zone.
Do you dare to look at it with an open mind?
Are you ready to be confronted with your own pitfalls?

Recognize yourself in thoughts you struggle with:

  • I have so many different assignments that I can’t see the forest for the trees
  • I have the impression that my staff is no longer with me when it is clear to me
  • I’m tired but I can’t allow myself to pass out
  • I want to move forward but fail to get the message across correctly
  • I want so badly to balance and maintain the balance between home and work
  • I just want to have “fun” again in my work and find my drive & passion again

If so, this “Journey” is literally worth “Jumping”. You will have evolved as a leader, executive, manager in the following areas.


  • How to create a safe environment where open communication is possible
  • Motivate and not demotivate
  • From feedback on performance conversations to performance conversations
  • The different leadership styles
  • Having difficult conversations
  • Dealing with areas of tension and conflict
  • Dealing with change


  • Techniques of clear communication to group and individual
  • Communication adapted to each employee’s preferred communication style
  • Assertiveness vs aggressiveness, manipulation, subassertiveness – techniques of assertiveness.

Available languages:

Dutch, French, English, German


Tenerife, Own location, France, Belgium

Current scheduled dates:

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Leadership Growth Journey

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