Team Growth Journey

Team Growth Journey

What to expect.

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After attending this 4-day “Journey: Team Growth:

You are able to grow from a team of individuals to a cohesive team.
Where everything can be discussed openly and transparently Where people respect and trust each other. Where teamwork with noses in the same direction is a logical consequence …

You may have faced some challenges as a team. Below are some that are submitted to us by our clients:

  • Things are not going well between a few colleagues
  • You thought you could rely on each other and find that it is not so obvious after all
  • People sometimes gossip and you are not so sure how to deal with this
  • You’re not so sure what direction you’re going, what the goals are

During the journey, we will immerse you in the following 5 fundamentals (based on Patrick Lencioni’s principles). We are building a sturdy house together. Each day has its specific focus where we grow you both individually and as a team.
Every link counts … every step counts … every JUMP counts …

Fundament 1: Trust as the foundation of a team
Fundament2: How every area of tension or conflict can be discussed positively
Fundament3: Engagement: everyone feels involved and gives their full effort to the team
Fundament 4: Accountability: if I ask someone something, I know it will be handled as it should be
Fundament5: Group results: with all noses in the same direction, the team result is achieved

Available languages:

Dutch, French, English, German


Tenerife, Own location, France, Belgium

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Team Growth Journey

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